People form an instant opinion about who you are based on what they see. In the same way, your prospects will be forming instant opinions about your company right now.

We connect brands to their audiences in today's world. We innovate to create unique tech solutions and ad-serving technology to deliver audiences. We are specialists in creating eye catching engaging branding. We drive global awareness and education, increase sales and create first-party data for brands.



Branding is your company's lifeblood and it should flow effortlessly through all of your promotional material. Whether you need a logo or a total brand overhaul, we offer packages to fit any requirements.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers a broad range
of tactics. Our expert team can help you define your marketing strategy and choose the right tactics for your


Website Design and Development

Graffstudio is considered among the highest quality web design in the industry. There's no challenge we won’t take on. Our websites are bespoke, beautiful and functional.



We provide high quality printing services, individual consulting at every stage: from design, through production, technology and materials selection to expense planning.



Your potential client must find you without any problems, no matter what they type in Google and other search engines. The fastest way to reach this goal is to position your website through search engine optimisation.



Are you interested in reliable and affordable hosting? We’ve got you covered! With our help, you can carry out even the most demanding Internet projects. Everything will work without any interruptions.

Digital Marketing

Competitors and Audiences

  • Review your competitors and see how to put you ahead

  • Create target audience personas

  • See how customers are behaving with user journey analysis

  • Consider how to position your business or product?

  • Design an approach with you.

Strategy, Content and SEO

  • Help define your positioning – what makes you unique?

  • Create a campaign plan

  • Audit your content and SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • Create a digital strategy

  • Create a content strategy.

Social Media

  • Paid social media content

  • Organic social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • PPC (pay-per-click) and paid ads on search engines and networks

  • Programmatic advertising

  • Content creation and analysis.

Building the Foundations of Success

We’re excited to show you what we have to offer and explain how it can help you refine your marketing efforts and create a plan for your content that gets the results you’ve been missing.


Research & Discovery

Using a variety of research tools – market reports, social listening, brand & channel audits, consumer research and white papers, we work fast to understand your business, your brand, your audience and the market it operates in.

Community Strategy

We fashion unique community purpose and unite community channels (e.g. social, blog, forums, eMail, podcast, events, in-game), as well as a targeted approach to community sub-tribes.

Paid Social Strategy

Expert guidance on where to put paid to achieve your objectives (e.g. channels, targeting etc). Which social formats & ad placements to use, setting paid KPIs & benchmarks and/or using test & learn techniques to ensure strongest ROI & results.

Strategy Development

With live data dashboards, campaign reporting, creative and media optimisation, social listening and monitoring, we look to understand what’s working, what isn’t and what we should do about it.

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Website Design and Development

If you’re like most companies, your website serves as a critical component of not just your marketing but of your entire organization. More than just words, pictures and programming, your site is a reflection of your values; an explanation of why your products and services are different; and a place to tell the story of your company and your employees. That’s why website design and development doesn’t begin with mockups and wireframes, and it’s not just about choosing colors and fonts. It’s about turning your company’s story into a site that serves as the center of your content universe.

Graffstudio is considered among the highest quality web design in the industry. There's no challenge we won’t take on. Our websites are bespoke, beautiful and functional. But more importantly, we know how to build engaging websites that serve as a key part of the buyer’s journey. A place where prospects become customers. And customers become brand evangelists.